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Dec 27, 2019vickmeister rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The story of Kwame Onwuachi's life starts out as a cliche: poor kid from the bad, dangerous Bronx with an abusive father, and a mother who struggled to keep the family together and to give him every advantage she could. When at a young age Kwame got mixed up with the wrong crowd and his rebellion became more than his mother could handle, she sent him to Africa to stay with his grandfather and learn some respect. After two years he was back in the Bronx, hustling drugs, seemingly fated to go down a predestined path. But Kwame was a fighter: he wanted more. The warmth and safety of the kitchen had always inspired him, and eventually he found his way to the Culinary Institute of America, working his way up through racial prejudice and other setbacks, working to become a highly skilled, creative gourmet chef. An inspiring, fascinating story.