the New Psychology of Success
Oct 02, 2018zenmark29 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
note 1: The comments on this book I've read are really useful. note 2: IMHO this book is worth reading. note 3: I came to this book via reading the work of Dr. Kelly McGonigal. Check out her books if you found this one useful. As I read through "The Upside of Stress" I followed up on the sources and the work of Carol Dweck was cited in McGonigal's book. note 4: It's fun to realize that the book itself is intended as a mindset update for the reader. note 5: I agree with the comment that the author doesn't address the expected continuum of shades of gray regarding mindsets. That's a weakness, but for a perceptive reader that doesn't eliminate the utility of the information. I imagine it was a conscious decision by the author intended to not dilute the impact of the book as a mindset intervention. And that statement is pure conjecture on my part, so don't quote it. :-) As always, enjoy!