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tjdickey created a list Jun 19 2021
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Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month 2021

"With increased national awareness of our vulnerable older adults due to COVID-19, and the currency of dementia with the FDA's approval of a new experimental drug for possible treatment, there is no time like June 2021 to check out a good recent bo..."
tjdickey made a comment Jun 19 2021
"A very well-written, rollicking, and engaging tale of derring-do in WWI-era Turkey. The author takes us through the plans and tribulations of two British prisoners of war who attempt a "long con" to manipulate their captors and escape, involving O..." Permalink
tjdickey rated a title Jun 19 2021
tjdickey made a comment Jun 16 2021
"As with the other books in Kent's well-crafted series, the story is deeply redolent with echoes of Italian cultural heritage, and the plot is haunted by echoes deep within the characters' past emotional bonds." Permalink
tjdickey made a comment Jun 15 2021
"A success to rival "The Martian" for all Andy Weir fans! Geek out on a huge number of scientific areas of the author's interest, enjoy the fun cliff-hangers and engineering puzzles, chortle at the snarky and sarcastic dialogue, and follow the traj..." Permalink
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