For me, as with many others, this was a highly anticipated read. With photographs the book is a bit over 500 pages and not a light read by any means either in weight or information. For an intelligent and highly educated man Bolton is a horrible writer.

The book read more like a deposition or someone's diary and while parts were interesting, most of the internal ruminations were pretty dull reading. If you read the paper or listen to the news you already know most of what is in the book.

Maybe I would have found it a more interesting read if I hadn't read Jonathan Karl's Front Row at the Trump Show just before it. The contrast between the two biography/memoirs is dramatic. Karl tells his story in an engaging, well written story. He includes entertaining and educational anecdotes. Bolton writes in a very dry, day by day, hour by hour "I did this. I did that." style read which makes slogging through it difficult at best.

One can only hope that what he does say in it will be taken to heart and readers proceed accordingly.

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