5 "Swoonsh" Stars!
This is my very first Kate Clayborn read and if the rest of her library is half as good as Love Lettering, I'm destined to become a devoted reader.

Love Letting was told in a single-POV by the heroine Meg. Fortunately, with Meg's apt and expressive voice, I never felt that I missed Reid's POV. I quickly fell for him and his regal poise, brusque honesty, and insecure tics, all shared through Meg’s keen observation. As for her, Meg’s character stirred a reaction in me and I simply felt like I understood her. I may not have ever had the exact thought processes as Meg in relation to her artistic pursuits, but I got how her artistry infiltrated her view of the world. I was fascinated by her compulsion to assign letters, shapes, and lines to what she saw and to what she felt, emotionally.

Together, Reid and Meg are best described as lovely. After a somewhat complicated beginning, the couple chose to become (mostly) transparent with each other. It was a reader’s delight to experience this couple's journey without the miscommunication and omissions that so often plague couples in contemporary romance. Therefore, the angst and conflict were more authentic and less manufactured by unnecessary drama.

The entirety of Love Lettering was a leisurely-paced, slow burn romance and it was EVERYTHING! If a book is going to move at a slower, but consistent pace, it needs to keep me invested with interesting details, meaningful characters, and graceful prose. LL had all of that along with some delicious swoon, witty banter, sweet friendships, and a convincing twist.

Aside from everything positive that I've already highlighted, the grandest compliment I can bestow is this: Kate Clayborn doesn't feel the need to spell out every thought or contemplation in a character's head, but allows the smart reader to draw the right conclusion by showing through physical actions and responses. I absolutely love when an author treats the reader with above par intelligence and doesn't relay redundant information or stay in a character's head beyond what is obviously necessary.

For me, Love Lettering was unequivocally original and enchanting. It was near perfect in it's pacing, writing, and story arc along with the sweetest romantic reward. Absolutely, sigh-worthy!

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