The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian DVD - 2008 | Widescreen.

I love anything involving Narnia, so, I'm opinionated about this. First of all, this movie's storyline strays fairly far in points from the book's plot, however, this makes it interesting. A lot of the book is condensed to allow more time for the battle at the end. The Good: The actors are amazing; it's really fun to see them older. The costumes, props, scenery, etc is spot-on and really lends a lot to the atmosphere. At the end, the duel and the battle are both well done and suspenseful. Finally, there's Reepicheep. :)
The Not Quite So Good: Caspian's accent. It was distracting, plus it was different than any other Telmarine accent. The love story. Although it does yield one of the best lines, it is NOT in the book, and feels forced. The other problem I have is the rivalry between Caspian and Peter. I like them in the book, and they are portrayed as prideful and annoying here. :( Still, the movie was quite fun.

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