Grant By Chernow, Ron Book - 2017 | First edition.

I can’t imagine a better book on a US president, on a military general, on a war, on American history.
The Civil War didn’t end in long and mere four years. In my mind Grant stood out of an obscurity as the most prominent!
Amongst numerous well portrayed supporting characters, Sherman intrigues me. Badeau’s florid writings contributed significantly to this book, the pain I felt at his treatment towards Grant at the end was relieved when Grant confronted him in splendid words - the only time he managed to rebuke any of his long trusted and indecent friends.

The rich content makes 1000page volume compact. Repetitive descriptions of the people and events after a long stretch of time maybe helpful for readers who take longer in multiple sittings. Index at the end is a great reference tool for novices like me.

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