Inferno A Novel By Brown, Dan, 1964- eBook - 2014 | Special illustrated edition.

Robert Langdon wakes up in Italy with severe amnesia after it is thought that he was shot. It appears as if a secret agency is after him in order to prevent him from solving a puzzle related to Dante's Inferno and the luminated map found sewn into his jacket. He joins forces with a doctor that helped him to unravel the mystery which seems to point to a plague being released into the atmosphere in order to curb population growth on Earth. Langdon is thrown into a series of puzzles he must follow in order to find the contagion and prevent its release. Once they figure out the location and manage to get there they realize that the disease has actually been released a week before, and the creator Zobrist had intended this. They also discover that the disease is really a fertility blocker intended to reduce the amount of offspring people can have. Langdon eventually finds out that the secret organization really didnt shoot him and they were trying to get him to save the world, if in a confusing manor.

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