Murder, She Baked Collection
Murder, She Baked Collection A Plum Pudding Mystery ; A Peach Cobbler Mystery ; A Deadly Recipe DVD - 2017

Read the books first! Joanne Fluke's books are wonderful reads and the recipes are delightful! Although I enjoyed the dvd and found it entertaining, I would have chosen different people to play the characters if I had been the director. The men in the parts would have actually been handsome (as the book insinuates many times, especially about Mike) and the actress playing Hannah Swenson was someone I had seen earlier in a totally different context about weight loss games so that may have easily colored my opinion and expectations of her.
Altogether, the stories are enjoyable and a simple form of entertainment. I would recommend this dvd.
But I would HIGHLY recommend the books first!
Reading is so much fun and brings to your surroundings worlds and stories that can only happen in dreams...........or books to read!
I am thankful for our library. It is such a wonderful benefit to any and all communities.

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