Trickster's Choice
Trickster's Choice By Pierce, Tamora Book - 2003 | Ember edition., 1st ed.

This was the most innovative book I have had the chance to read in a long time.
Packed with mysteries, adventure and a very uncommon heroine.

Of course there are some political subjects in the story, yet it did not take are attention away from the characters. On the contrary, it makes us love and embrace their pain and struggles as the story unfolds itself. And if you thought that there wasn't a book that had good comebacks and sarcasm within the dialog, well then you were wrong!
I would strongly recommend this book for all those of you who would like to see the difference between a girl who can't do much, to the girl who was born to perform. This book will leave you on edge and begging for it's ending.
I hope you think so to, so enjoy!

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