The Sellout
The Sellout [a Novel] By Beatty, Paul Book - 2015 | First edition.

Similar to some who've commented, I felt Beatty's take on racism in America is brilliant as is the manner of storytelling. The plots are fascinating, characters outlandish, humor the laugh out loud type. The vocabulary of a PhD, wit beyond measure, Paul Beatty is one of the most gifted authors I've encountered. Having grown up in a ghetto, the notion of the "Dum Dum Donut Intellectual Club" is a paradox and funny as heck in its own right. Adding Hominy's Young Rascals stories and desire to be a slave, its a formula for F-U-N! The sheer notion of a farmer in a So LA city is one thing. Adding in the antics, insights his psychologist father handed down while home schooled and those from the others, its one of the more unusual stories ever written. Highly recommended for those who enjoy high brow, outrageous humor, with a dash of ghetto.

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