Personally - I think that a sleazy, low-life slob like drag queen, Glenn Milstead, aka. "Divine" (whose biggest claim to fame was that he/she actually had the sickening audacity to eat a real dog turd on screen in the movie Pink Flamingos), hardly deserves having a documentary made about his/her sordid, little career as an ugly, gluttonous actor/actress who starred in shabby, self-indulgent, wannabe cult films.

For the most part - This decidedly dead-end documentary (about a 350 lb, horror-show hippo) scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel in its pathetic attempt to be a cheery, little piece of informative and enlightening entertainment.

To be honest - I really don't know why the heck I even bothered, in the first place, to watch this heap of crap about the "Queen of Filth" - 'Cause now that I have, I totally regret that I did.

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