The Room Where It Happened

The Room Where It Happened

A White House Memoir

Book - 2020 | First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
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Sep 19, 2020

Publishers Weekly couldn't have said it better. A very boring book full of self praise and criticisms of just about everybody else.

Sep 16, 2020

John Bolton, who is a hard core conservative republican, who was Donald Trump's National Security Adviser. Who has quite the ego also. Described in detail, the scary events involving Donald Trump's decision making, as with the other books out on Trump, including Bob Woodward's book "Rage", in Trump's own words.

Sep 15, 2020

I too gave up after 100 pages and then just scanned it.

Bolton forgets who was actually elected President.

He must have a HUGE ego - he is telling how he told the President what not to do throughout the book. Give your advice and then shut up. It is hard to read.

Anyone who could take such detailed notes of every last second of conversations is either too busy taking notes to actually do their job or just making it up after the fact.

Sep 14, 2020

You only need to read the first chapter of this book. Every chapter has the same pattern - 1) Trump is disorganized, 2) I gave him the right advice and he didn't heed it, 3) everything Obama did is wrong. After reading about 200 pages in this pattern just chipped away at the credibility of the author. There are better books out there on the same subject that are more objective.

Sep 11, 2020

Totally agree on BORING. Not worth the half hr of my time before giving up entirely.

Sep 01, 2020

Couldn't finish chapter 1. It's a boring pile of crap!

Aug 13, 2020

Like everyone else I slogged through this book determined to finish it. It was the most difficult book I’ve ever read in my long life. And I’ve read everything from The Wind in the Willows to Decline of the Roman Empire. All the way through John Bolton paints himself as the only sane voice in the House of Chaos. In other words it’s a testament to himself.

Aug 06, 2020

Like other readers, I too tried to get through this book. I just couldn't. The first sign that it wasn't an honest retelling of what happened came in the first few chapters where Bolton said the president was vindicated. Say what? From there on I knew it was going to be a lopsided self-serving summation of his fall from grace. Here is clarification on the topic of 'vindication' from

"The cries of vindication do not survive even the most cursory examination of the document itself. . . ."No, Mueller did not find a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, and no, he did not conclude that President Trump had obstructed justice. But Mueller emphatically did not find that there had been “no collusion” either. Indeed, he described in page after damning page a dramatic pattern of Russian outreach to figures close to the president, including to Trump’s campaign and his business; Mueller described receptivity to this outreach on the part of those figures; he described a positive eagerness on the part of the Trump campaign to benefit from illegal Russian activity and that of its cutouts; he described serial lies about it all. And he described as well a pattern of behavior on the part of the president in his interactions with law enforcement that is simply incompatible with the president’s duty to “take care” that the laws are “faithfully executed”—a pattern Mueller explicitly declined to conclude did not obstruct justice."

Jul 31, 2020

Dreadful book! just awful. Turned it back in w/o reading much. If he had not made such a flap about not testifying, nobody would be interested for good reason.

Jul 26, 2020

The author may have been in THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED, but there’s very little new in this book that’s not already been written about the Trump administration. John Bolton should’ve testified and saved Americans the grief of having to read this tedious and self-serving tome.

Jul 24, 2020

I tried, REALLY tried, to slog through this book. Just couldn't get past Bolton's snarky, self-serving ego.

Jul 22, 2020

He certainly fleshed out many of the news events that we knew about. I wish he would have testified before the Senate but even with his information, I'm not sure those spineless Republicans would have let it influence their votes. It was interesting to learn about how Guiliani got Trump to fire the Ambassador to Ukraine, most likely to protect some of his other clients. It was nice to read where the author used complete and complex sentences which made sense--unlike the President.
Bolton was quite critical of Trump's method of making decisions unless it was a decision that he agreed with !

Bolton studied at Yale, as I did, so I was not surprised that his memoir is so detailed at 500 pages plus many pages of footnotes to support his statements. He is a lawyer as well as a national security specialist, so also not surprising very detailed about negotiations and who said what when. This is not just a tell all about Trump, but describes actions of many members of the Trump administration.

Jul 07, 2020

I have the same opinion as the comment below by GinaMarguerite except I’m reading front row at the Trump show next

Jun 27, 2020

For me, as with many others, this was a highly anticipated read. With photographs the book is a bit over 500 pages and not a light read by any means either in weight or information. For an intelligent and highly educated man Bolton is a horrible writer.

The book read more like a deposition or someone's diary and while parts were interesting, most of the internal ruminations were pretty dull reading. If you read the paper or listen to the news you already know most of what is in the book.

Maybe I would have found it a more interesting read if I hadn't read Jonathan Karl's Front Row at the Trump Show just before it. The contrast between the two biography/memoirs is dramatic. Karl tells his story in an engaging, well written story. He includes entertaining and educational anecdotes. Bolton writes in a very dry, day by day, hour by hour "I did this. I did that." style read which makes slogging through it difficult at best.

One can only hope that what he does say in it will be taken to heart and readers proceed accordingly.

Jun 26, 2020

Bolton signed a non disclosure agreement. Funny how everyone has a book already out. Who is going to trust this man again

Jun 22, 2020

I have nothing but respect for Mr. Bolton. Just kidding. He's a wanker.

Jun 17, 2020

The bunker hider cannot allow his idiocy and poor decisions to be exposed, so he will attempt oppose the first amendment because every conversation with him is of natural security consequence.

Feb 06, 2020

can you order the e-book

debwalker Feb 05, 2020

The witness that spineless Republicans refused to call. What a disgrace smeared across America.

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