RITA Award

Awarded by the Romance Writers of America for the best romance fiction of the year.
A Duke in the Night
Book - 2018 | First edition. Winner, Historical Romance: Short, 2019
Nominees: Kelly Bowen
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Advanced Physical Chemistry
Book - 2018 | First edition. Winner, Contemporary Romance: Mid-length, 2019
Nominees: Susannah Nix
Available in some locations
A Wicked Kind of Husband
Book - 2018 Winner, Historical Romance: Long, 2019
Nominees: Mia Vincy
Available in some locations
Bad Blood
eBook - 2018 Winner, Romance Novella, 2019
Nominees: M. Malone
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Dearest Ivie
eBook - 2018 Winner, Paranormal Romance, 2019
Nominees: J. R. Ward
Book - 2018 Winner, Romantic Suspense, 2019
Nominees: Elizabeth Dyer
Available in some locations
How to Keep A Secret
Book - 2018 Winner, Mainstream Fiction With A Central Romance, 2019
Nominees: Sarah Morgan
Available in some locations
Lady in Waiting
Book - 2018 Winner, Best First Book, 2019
Nominees: Marie Tremayne
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Long Shot
Book - 2018 Winner, Contemporary Romance: Long, 2019
Nominees: Kennedy Ryan
Available in some locations
My So-called Bollywood Life
Book - 2018 | First edition. Winner, Young Adult Romance, 2019
Nominees: Nisha Sharma
Available in some locations
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